2022 Project Mail Art

Nassaukerk Amsterdam

To keep elderly people (above 70) from getting lonely during Corona times 'Stichting de Werkelijkheid' came up with PROJECT MAIL ART.

9 well established artists were asked to make two artworks and send them to two people who would finish the artwork. Gaïd asked Nini Groen to finish one of here artworks. And so there begun a fascinating journey. To see the film of Nini, click on the link below


2021 Gildemeester Bollenstreek

Gaïd Ombre has been invited to paint a man-sized tulip bulb. 80 artists made a design and paint it on the giant tulip bulb. The bulb is more than 1.90 high and has a surface of 6 m2. These tulip bulbs will be placed in the public space between Haarlem and Leiden, creating the largest work of art in the world. The bulbs can be seen in the entire 'Bollenstreek' region via a cycling route. This artwork will remain standing for at least five years. The artist first paint on a mini ceramic tulip bulb. Both the mini-bulb and the giant-bulb are now in the Black Tulip Gallery in Lisse. Gaïd her Tulip Bolb is placed in Noordwijk aan zee. 

Giant Bolb in Noordwijk - 17|12|2022

The giant Tulip bolb Gaïd made for project Gildemeesters Bollenstreek was adopted  by Groot Hoogwaak in Noordwijk. It will be there to see for at least 5 years as part of a large artwork in de bollenstreek.

TV Program Sterren op het doek
Broadcast 17 september 2019
Portret Floortje Dessing

In 2019 Gaïd Ombre was asked to participate in the Stars on the canvas program. Since a new presenter hosts the show (Eus), a test episode had to be made as well. They also asked Gaïd for this. During the trial filming Gaïd made a painting of Irene Moors. During the 'real' episode she painted Floortje Dessing. Gaïd Ombre made a large portrait on Dibond with an epoxy finish. Gaïd Ombre choose not to show her in a traditional pose but in action, with her camerawoman Rene who often travels with her and who was also one of the camerawoman during the recording of Sterren op het Doek. An adventurous portrait.


Dutch Nudes 2017

Hollandse Naakten (Dutch Titel)


13 famous Dutch women literally exposed themselves. An investigation into beauty and vanity. 

  • Exhibition 2017
  • Cloud Art Gallery - Amsterdam
  • Opening by Hedy d'Ancona
  • Extra: Limited edition Art Book 500 numbered art books - Sold out
  • Text by Frieda Mulisch en Ronald Giphart


  • Alwien Tulner - Actrice
  • Anke Engels - Actrice
  • Barbara Barend - Journalist
  • Dolores Leeuwin - Presentator
  • Farida van der Stoom - Actrice
  • Frieda Mulisch - Schrijver
  • Isa Hoes - Actrice
  • Jasmine Sendar - Actrice
  • Marian Mudder - Actrice
  • Marion Pauw - Schrijver
  • Saskia Temmink - Actrice
  • Sylvana Simons -Politicus
  • Willemijn van Ree - Actrice
Exhibition Reade
Date February 2016
Information The art commission invited Gaïd to exhibit for one month at Reade Jan van Breemen Instituut
Collection The art commission purchased the work 'Friends' for their permanent art collection
Artwork Friends - Acrylic paint on canvas 60 x 70 cm From collection Between Art & Kitsch

Friends 60 x 70 cm